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Manuco is an interior production company in Romania.

We work for several major design labels and interior brands in Europe.

Our know-how is based on the skills and traditions of Belgian furniture makers, which date back to the 1950’s. These skills have ever evolved since and nowadays we put emphasis on the fusion between traditional craftsmanship and adopting new technologies.

We only work as subcontractors.

We are an exclusive B2B company.

Client confidentiality is one of our major principles. We will never pass on or use your techniques, designs, or concepts! We work exclusively for you.

Business ethics is the main pillar of our company philosophy.

Manuco reaches out to form long-term partnerships with our clients. Within such a partnership we are enabled to build a true value chain. Our goal is to make our client more powerful by working through and taking care of all your production issues so that you can focus on your client.

Innovative Craftsmanship

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We only work as subcontractors.

Unfortunately we can't show you any of the latest designs made for our clients.
We respect our client's property and confidentiality and thus cannot and will not distribute the designs further on.

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We only work as subcontractors.
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